Dear prospective members, members and friends,

It is a great pleasure for us to establish the Austrian Asian Association which results from many discussions, ideas and enthusiasm in Carinthia, Austria as well as Asia. More information about the undersigned founding members of AAA, Walter Junger, President and Bruno Napetschnig, Vice President / Head of Finance, can be found on the following pages.
Why does Austria and Asia need a business network and further cultural exchange? Quite simply……..

Because there are unlimited opportunities in this beautiful country for tourism and technology. And especially as a centrepiece within the European Union, to showcase its direct, less bureaucratic and targeted ways.
And furthermore to present in the right light the economic opportunities and the incredible cultural treasures of Austria to the established economic powers of Asia, as well as the many strong emerging nations.
In our opinion, these opportunities exist not only for large-scale industries, but also more and more for medium and small enterprises, not to forget the individual Austrian and European who is interested in Asia. We want to recognize these potentials together, and communicate and share with each other accordingly.
Finally, and just as importantly, it is for us to be supportive in Asia. It will be our goal to provide direct assistance in a larger annual charity project for underprivileged children. This project is proposed and operated directly by our members.
Of course, we will only be able to achieve all these great goals, if all members contribute ideas, openly and actively communicate with each other and support our motto….”Curiosity – needs tracks!”… wholeheartedly.
We look forward to what the future holds.


Walter Junger / President

Bruno Napetschnig / Vice President & Head of Finance