Current charity projects

Project – NEPAL – Right4Children safe school project

Donations – 1st year USD 10,000; 2nd year USD 1,000; 3rd year USD 1,000

Right4Children (R4C) supports government schools which lack in funding, and AAAA will support one school chosen by Right4children which has been vetted by Right4children from 6-7 suggestions by the government.

Nov – Dec 2022 activity

Programmes and Activities

As part of physical improvement in the school fencing, slide and swing were set up in Kalika Secondary School. The school environment has now become safer and all the 166 students have benefited from this support.

R4C visited to observe how the project activities were going on. During the visit they had,

  • Meeting with the teachers
  • Interaction with parents

Child Club and Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

  • Organized Primary and Secondary Level Intra-School Dance Competitions. A total of 23 students participated.
  • Conducted ‘Flower Plantation Program’ in the school where a total of 38 students including child club actively participated.
  • Organized ‘Drama Theatre Show’ in Pokhara for the students interested in drama. In that program, a total of 18 students and 2 teachers participated.
  • Conducted regular meetings with the child club, sports club, and other students.
  • Regular follow-up and need-based support
  • Strengthened the capacity of child club to run ECA and the club has been running ECA on regular basis.

In July 2022, R4C conducted a child club management training, dance training, and drama training in Kalika School within the framework of Child Friendly School Project supported by AAAA. Mostly we had an emphasis on ECA activities where children can promote their rights and establish a playful and learning environment within the school premise. The programme also expected to provide them an opportunity to explore and express their hidden talents through ECA program. A- 3 Day ECD (Pre- Primary) Teachers Training has been conducted in Shree Kalika Secondary School.

Child Club Management Training