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Registered office of the Austrian Asian Association

The registered office of the Austrian Asian Association is in hotel12 in Bodensdorf / Carinthia, Austria.
Contact Details:
Austrian Asian Association
Gerlitzenstrasse 55
A-9551 Bodensdorf

The unique art and lifestyle hotel12, directly located on the slopes at the 12th turn of the Gerlitzen Alpine road, welcomes guests in 12 rooms and suites which have been individually designed by 12 international artists from three continents from Shanghai to New York. Each room in the hotel12 tells a different story and yet all 12 rooms and suites have one thing in common: Instead of the usual room number, each door bears the symbol of one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs – each created by the 12 artists.

In addition to the 12 rooms and suites, the hotel12 maintains a spa area including a Finnish panorama sauna, a relaxation and massage room, as well as a fresh-air balcony.

The kitchen of restaurant12 serves simple, delicious, traditional Austro-Alpine fare from original Carinthian cheese pasta to traditional apple strudel and alpine barbecue. Local produce are used throughout and freshly baked pastries are sourced from the municipality and dairy products from neighbouring farmers.

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